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  • The Worst Restoration Task?
    What do you think of when you hear the word “Restoration” applied to a vehicle project? Your answer may be different than mine, and that’s probably why some auction sites prohibit the use of the word. For me “restore” means complete disassembly, repair, component renovation/replacement, reinstallation and testing. What’s the worst restoration job? Cleaning! It… Read more: The Worst Restoration Task?
  • Initial Assessment
    Buying a scooter sight unseen means you get surprises. Pictures are good but don’t always make you aware of what you’re getting into, even when they show you obvious issues or things you should be really happy about. That’s the case with this Heinkel. The goal of the initial assessment is to highlight problem areas… Read more: Initial Assessment
  • Emergency Brake Improvement
    I installed a disk brake on the rear wheel as an emergency and parking brake. Because it’s hydraulic I couldn’t use the original Heinkel ratcheting lever, so I installed a motorcycle lever style activator. This presented another problem; how to keep the brake engaged while parking. Here’s the solution: Here it is in place: And… Read more: Emergency Brake Improvement
  • Vespa 8″ Disk Brake
    Is there finally a disk brake solution for 8″ Vespas?
  • Vespa Engine Tuning
    Once the engine is out of your scooter you’ve opened a Pandora’s Box of potential maintenance and upgrade projects