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  • Heinkel Rear Shock Bushing Replacement
    Heinkel Cars and Scooters used the same rear shock, which was quite convenient for the factory since the engines used in both vehicles were virtually identical. The shocks were made by Boge and Boge-specific parts are not available. However, with a little hunting around you can find some substitute parts. If the shock is leaking… Read more: Heinkel Rear Shock Bushing Replacement
  • AI-Generated Art for a Scooter Rally Sticker
    For the 2023 Heinkelfest one of the attendees added a twist: bring a sticker from your hometown to trade with the other attendees. It’s a familiar tradition in other parts of the world but not common in Beverly. Beverly isn’t a tourist mecca worthy of stickers (except for a seal named Shoebert that spent time… Read more: AI-Generated Art for a Scooter Rally Sticker
  • CNC Laser Boxes
    A logical extension of your CNC repertoire is laser cutting and engraving. My Sienci CNC has a 7 Watt diode option which you can read about here. Why would you use a laser? For me the answer was obvious; because it existed… Capabilities of a Diode Laser There isn’t a “one size fits all” laser… Read more: CNC Laser Boxes
  • Read the Story of the Conversion Here!
  • The Worst Restoration Task?
    What do you think of when you hear the word “Restoration” applied to a vehicle project? Your answer may be different than mine, and that’s probably why some auction sites prohibit the use of the word. For me “restore” means complete disassembly, repair, component renovation/replacement, reinstallation and testing. What’s the worst restoration job? Cleaning! It… Read more: The Worst Restoration Task?
  • Initial Assessment
    Buying a scooter sight unseen means you get surprises. Pictures are good but don’t always make you aware of what you’re getting into, even when they show you obvious issues or things you should be really happy about. That’s the case with this Heinkel. The goal of the initial assessment is to highlight problem areas… Read more: Initial Assessment