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I came across this one in some old documents. It’s a classic Heinkel Kabine marketing shot.
Dad is driving the car. Mom, well, she’s not sitting on anything since there’s no seat at that angle. The daughter has to be kneeling on the floor unless she’s only two feet tall. The boy, he might actually be sitting on the “kinderseat”, but he’s wrapped up in his book and it’s hard to tell what is going on..
I think the man and girl are related, and also appear in other Heinkel ads, like this one:

Heinkel Cabin Scooters
Same People, image reversed, new license plate!
You can see that they flipped the image and didn’t bother to crop out the interior backgrounds. You can still see the reflection of the trees in the rear window. Imagine doing this kind of work without Photoshop!
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    My daughter had a birthday while we were there and I had to pay to bring her back. I often wondered……….?

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