Tools- Heinkel and Otherwise

I neglected to mention in my last post that you need a few specialized tools in order to work efficiently on your engine and your car. There aren’t that many, and while you can make some of them yourself, you will need to buy others.

It helps to know German when ordering tools
Baseline Tools:
If you’ve gotten this far you probably already have a collection of tools. If rebuilding a car or bike is a future goal, I thought I’d lie out the baseline set of tools you should have.
Basic Hand Tools:
·         Crescent wrench set : 8 through 24mm
·         Socket set: 3 through 24, plus a 27mm socket
·         Deep socket set: 8-24mm
·         Size 1,2,and 3 straight screwdrivers, preferably with octagonal or square shafts
·         Set of straight and drift punches
·         Breaker Bar
·         Snap Ring (circlip) Plier set (small, medium, and large)
·         Torch
·         Rubber Mallets
·         2 lb .hammer
·         Nut Crackers, large and small
Air Tools:
  • Compressor
  • 3 inch cutoff tool
  • Impact Wrench (if you tend to be in a hurry)

Electric Tools:
  • Polisher (7” or larger)
  • Electronic Mutlitester
  • Dremel Mototool ,with grinding wheels and cutoff wheels
  • Electric Drill

I buy most of my hand tools from Harbor Freight Tools (electric tools are another story).  This company has been supplying shade tree mechanics for years in California, and only recently completed their nationwide expansion to New England.
A few other things about HFT:
  • Save your receipts; if something breaks (and it will, the tools are of varying quality) you can swap it for another
  • Never go there without a coupon: There are 20% off coupons in every motorcycle magazine every month.  
  • They use a pricing model, so the prices for the same items change all of the time. If you have time watch the prices in the emails you sen to get an idea of what things sell for. It can mean real savings on things such as parts washers, racing jacks, nitrile gloves, and other things.
  • Never go there unless you need something: Otherwise you will buy lots of stuff you don’t need!

Special Heinkel Tools
In the table below I’ve listed the specialized tools you need at a minimum, and the best way to get them:
Clutch compressor
Make yourself or buy
See photo, or buy from Club for about $40
Clutch Basket holder
Make yourself or buy
See photo, or buy from Club for about $20
Flywheel/Dynastart puller
From Club, about $25
Swingarm top gear extractor
From Club,about $25
Engine holder
Make yourself
Workshop manual has plan
Rear hub holder
From Club, about $25
When I say “make yourself”, you can either weld your own together or, in my case, I made them out of wood. (The wooden ones have lasted for three rebuild and are getting a little rickety now)
Tools to buy: rear hub holder, dynastart puller, two versions of swingarm gear extractor

Tools to make: (from left top): Clutch retainer ring installer, piston holder, clutch compressor, clutch basket holder, tracking setter, flywheel holder
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