Excitement in the Stratosphere

Meteors, Asteroids, and now the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Auction. This has been a weekend of sky high activity! Every Heinkel vehicle beat it’s estimate; four out of six by a wide margin.
Here’s the rundown:

Trojan 200:

$47,500 plus a 15% buyer’s premium

This was in the best shape of the Heinkels up for auction, and had it’s original toolkit. It might be the record holder for a Heinkel car sale. That in itself is unusual because Trojans are considered less valuable the Heinkels by some people.

Heinkel 154

$47,000 (plus 15%)

This car appeared in pretty nice shape too, and I’m pretty sure it’s an Argentine model since the glass is stamped with something Spanish and it has unusual features. Nothing about that in the catalog though. This sale dashes another Heinkel truism that 4 wheelers have higher values than 3 wheelers.

Tourist Scooter

$7,000 (plus 15%)

This scooter appeared to be in OK condition and mostly original. It had lots of accessories. For the price you could buy a restored Heinkel from the Heinkel Netherlands shop with a warranty and totally bling it out yourself.

Jurisch Multiplan

90,000 (plus 15%)

I suppose it’s not technically a Heinkel, but I love this car: Heinkel 103A0 mechanicals, Messerchmitt front end, and the body from a re-worked sidecar. You would be in a class of your own with this car since it’s the only one. I don’t understand how you value such a car, but $90k seems a lot.

Heinkel 150

$31,000 (plus 15%)

This car was not in the best condition, had a poor respray, and while probably driveable was not as nice as the other Heinkel cars there.

Heinkel 150

$18,000 (plus 15%)

This car spoke to me when I as at the Museum in November, and was the one I would have bid on if I thought it was attainable. It was advertised as a complete original, which wasn’t true since it had been repainted. But it had the highly sculpted “coal scuttle” rear cowl and American occupation zone license plates. It also had a rod change gear shift mechanism and front hubs with circular vents.  A nice car; some observant buyer bought a very similar vintage running version of this car on eBay two weeks ago for $18,300:

So is the sky falling on the Microcar hobby? Have new people moved in and wrecked the neighborhood? Who is anyone to say, but it sure has made a lot of people gain a new appreciation for these cars and their interesting niche in history.

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