Suspension Pins Issue

I was investigating some excess play in my front end and made a surprising discovery. One of the pins that hold the tie rod to the axle crank was loose in the bushing.

Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
German Heinkel Club Pin (top) and Generic Pin (bottom)

The pin didn’t have any apparent wear, so I decided to measure it up and compare it to a generic pin that I had.

Heinkel Cabin Scooters
Heinkel Suspension Pin Measures .38″ (9.5mm)

The pin was only 9.5mm in diameter, which explained the sloppiness. The generic pin measured .39″. or 9.91mm. It was much closer to the nominal size of 10mm.

Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Generic Pin was the Right Size

I have no idea if the Heinkel Club pin was incorrect from the beginning. At the price (11.34 euros each as I recall) you think they would be perfect; they certainly look great.

I get my pins from Bolt Depot. Here’s a link to the pins, which are also known as “Shoulder Bolts”:

They only cost $1.35 each. Since the German pins are too tall for the connection under the front floor (see my earlier post here), I would suggest using these all around.

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One thought on “Suspension Pins Issue

  1. Also, you need to watch the fitted shoulder/length of these Pins when installed.
    I have original 1950's & 1960's Factory pins on my 1964/65 Trojan, which when fitted compress the yoke end joints together (so are too short), thus making them tight against the Steering Arms & Bushes, so NOT correct even when new from the Croydon Factory!
    The pin shoulder/step has to be just long enough to pull up correctly level, but not so short as to "bind" the Yoke Joint up, try measuring them with your calipers, you'll see what I mean…
    Those "Shoulder Bolts" are normally ok & ideal lengthwise, in fact better than the originals!
    Regards from Somerset, England.

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