Points Felt

I realized my points felt was totally worn through. Of course I just received an order from overseas and didn’t plan on making one anytime soon.

Heinkel Siba points with worn felt
My options were to wait a month for a new felt from the UK or find a different way. 
Felt removed from metal plate

The felt is riveted onto a metal spring plate. It didn’t look very easy to re-rivet a felt onto the plate.

Furniture Felt out of the box vs. used points felt

I decided to try a a piece of self-stick furniture felt. I had a bunch that I had put on the bottom of chairs to keep it from scratching wood floors. It seemed a little stiffer and thicker than the fifty year old points felt, but worth a try.
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Trimming Furniture Felt to size
 I trimmed it to size.

Heinkle Cars and Cabin Scooters
New Self Stick Felt for Heinkel Car

I attached the felts to the metal plate. Probably not as pretty as a factory felt, but I think it will work. I’ll keep you posted.

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