We Have a Winner! Misselwood 2015 Concours

I entered the Misselwood Concours d’Elegance in my hometown of Beverly, MA. It is one of two concours held in the New England area (the other is in Greenwich, CT).
I won second place in the 1960-1969 category!
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Getting an award for the Heinkel Kabine
 I was quite excited. Of course I’m a little biased but Heinkels stand up quite well to other cars from the period because they are so unique. Many people have never seen anything like them (most people aren’t that familiar with Microcars) and they aren’t as big and expensive as many of the other cars you  find at these events.
I’ve included some pictures of my favorite cars from the show:
Jaguar XKE- original owner and he does all his own work on the car!
1934 Ford V8- multiple award winner
1937 Cord 810- supercharged, front wheel drive, hideaway headlights
1937 Volvo- I’ve never seen one so old
Lotus stretched by factory to accommodate a V-8
One of my favorites- 1959 El Camino
AC with Lucas 547 taillights- which I’ve seen on Heinkels!
Guess which car got more visitors?
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  1. Well done, it is good to have someone to tell you you have done good work. Our car is nearly finished and we have booked into a rally to show our Heinkel off next to Ernest Heinkel's private Mercedes. The Mercedes has history, as apart from Ernest Heinkel using it, it was used in the war by Hitler

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