The Attica- Another Car with a Heinkel Engine

I’ve been corresponding with a gentleman in Greece about his Attica, an almost forgotten European microcar powered by- you guessed it- a 200cc Heinkel engine.  Giorgos sent me several pictures which I have listed below. 

The car is made of fiberglass, although the floor appears to be made of plywood. The bodywork is derived from a Fulda, which was originally a German design that was made in other countries (such as Sweden) up through 1970. If you want to see some examples of those cars check out this auction at Bring aTrailer and the link to the Bruce Weiner Auction from 2012.

If you have spare parts to these cars any expertise to share I suggest you contact Giorgos at kalamakisgiorgosatyahoodot com.
Heinkel Cars and Kabines
An Attica Brochure

Heinkel Cars and Scooters
A Heinkel 200cc Engine in an Attica

Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Fiberglass bodywork

Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
An Attica Door

Attica dash with period typical 3 spoke steering wheel

Simulated woodgrain dash with 100kph speedo

Another Interior Shot of the Attica

Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Another shot of Heinkel Engine. Note Siba Control Box on Firewall

Attica Logo

Attica Badge

Attica has a nice profile

Cleaning the Attica

Attica Chassis Plate

Parts are common to other microcars of the period

This car will look great when Giorgos has completed his restoration.

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