No Sunroof For You – A Metal-Roofed Heinkel!

There’s a rarity among rarities listed on German eBay right now- a Heinkel with an all metal roof.
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
No sunroof for you- a most unusual Heinkel
This is the second one I’ve ever seen.  I thought the first one was some sort of early prototype. This one appears to be from the very end of the English production run, but there are so many odd things about it who really knows.
The all -metal roof gives the car a very streamlined look. In early Heinkel literature (Isettas too) the sunroof was touted as a safety feature- another way to get out of the car if the door was immobilized.
As a practical matter the sunroof provides another important function- ventilation. Heinkels can be stiflingly hot to ride in during the summer, and the sunroof and wide-opening vent windows provide the only relief. This car has neither.  This would be a great summer car north of the Arctic Circle.
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Late Trojan-style vent windows don’t open very much
The interior has a Trojan dashboard but a Heinkel steering wheel center. The seats have covers or have been reupholstered with non-original fabric. It also has an early defroster system where the door has built in vents.
Heinkel and Trojan Cars
Trojan Speedp in KPH indicates an export model
There are some other telltale signs that indicate this car was restored from odd parts:
  • The side trim is too wide;
  • The side turn signals are incorrect;
  • The rear lights are incorrect;
  • The rear bumper is a three part affair rather than a single piece;
  • The horn- looks like one from a Tourist scooter, placement is odd for a Trojan;
  • The license plate light appears to be a late (or very early) production item
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Late production license plate light and 3 piece bumper
Heinkel Cars and Cabin Scooters
Notice defroster connection near steering wheel support
All in all this is an interesting car and definitely worth bidding on. It appears to be all there and despite the oddities may be a good restoration candidate.
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  1. Those rear lights are correct for some export Heinkel's, but this is a strange concoction of parts for a renovation. I would say the roof is a good welding job to replace the sunroof

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