I’ve been busy!

I haven’t posted for some time but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing Heinkel things. Far from it! I restored a Heinkel 103 A1 scooter and I made this:

I fabricated the entire side of this Kabine

Installed new roof parts too!

I never welded or did metal fab before this

Over 50% of the metal is new
From this:
One word to describe it- SAD!

The wood is a structural element

A lemon from which to make lemonade

At least the colors are bright

It’s taken me over three years, during which time I learned to weld, take a coach building / metal fabrication class, made my own bodywork tools, and hammered a lot of metal! Over half of the car is new metal that I either fabricated or got from Jim’s Microcars Parts.

The car is off to the body shop for plastic fill and paint! I’ll be posting some snippets along the way so stay tuned.

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