Filler neck with spacer and charging plug inside

Gas Cap Electrical Socket

Heinkel EV
Heinkel Plugged in and Charging!

One of reversible EV conversion goals was to have a vehicle that was indistinguishable in most respects from the original. How would I do that when the car has a prominent gas tank filler? The answer is to bury the charging port in the fuel filler neck.

The filler neck is a standard 1950’s size of 2.28” with a twist on gas cap. I decided to convert the neck itself into a charging outlet holder.

Here’s the new neck from a store that only sells filler necks:  At $13 it was way cheaper than trying make one or committing the sacrilege of destroying an original Henkel gas tank. Here’s what I purchased:

I purchased a shore power outlet, and the challenge was to fit in into the neck since it was a different size.

Shore power outlet
Power outlet for Heinkel EV

Here’s another example of CAD and CNC to the rescue!

Here it is completed, except for painting: