1962 Heinkel 103 A2

1962 Heinkel 103-A2

I found this scooter on eBay, a guy in New York wanted to sell and said he would include delivery as part of the sale. How great is that? Delivery day also happened to be shopping day, but the seller said he wouldn’t be there until the afternoon so we felt fine leaving the kids at home.

In the middle of shopping we get a call from the kids. “Dad, there’s a one-eyed guy with an eyepatch here delivering a junky scooter what do we do?” It all worked out in the end despite an inauspicious beginning.

Unrestored 1962 Heinkel 103-A2 Scooter with 1966 MA plate
1962 Heinkel 103-A2 Scooter

Heinkels aren’t for everyone. It took me years to fully sort it so it shifted property, but once I learned the secret (which I may divulge in a later post) it has never failed me- or at least has failed me less than most other scooters I’ve had including modern Vespas!

I even built a trailer for it. You can read more about that here.