A most unusual Heinkel turn signal

Initial Assessment

Buying a scooter sight unseen means you get surprises. Pictures are good but don’t always make you aware of what you’re getting into, even when they show you obvious issues or things you should be really happy about. That’s the case with this Heinkel. The goal of the initial assessment is to highlight problem areas […]

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Heinkel 103-A1

1958 Heinkel 103-A1

Mike McWilliams (Heinkeltourist.com) also told me about this scooter in Idaho. The most appealing attributes of this scooter were the original paint and that it was stored in a dry climate, which reduced the amount of rust, I restored the scooter in 2017 and later sold it on Bring a Trailer:

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I’ve been busy!

I haven’t posted for some time but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing Heinkel things. Far from it! I restored a Heinkel 103 A1 scooter and I made this: I fabricated the entire side of this Kabine Installed new roof parts too! I never welded or did metal fab before this Over 50% of […]

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