3D Printing Heinkel Parts

An Elusive Heinkel-I Steering Wheel Center For the longest time having a Heinkel-I without the proper “Heinkel-I” steering wheel center bothered me. Since the part wasn’t being reproduced and was rarely offered on e-Bay, I resigned myself to my fate and learned to live with this empty spot in my car.  A standard “Heinkel” steering […]

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Rust Never Sleeps

Neil Young coined this slogan and while I don’t think he was a Heinkel owner,  the phrase certainly applies. Any unrestored 50 year old car had rust issues.  One of the attendees at HeikelFest told me about his experience using electricity to de-rust gun parts.The technique is known as electrolysis, and I was intrigued. I’ve […]

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Steering Wheels

When I purchased my car I received a number of steering wheels- 4 to be exact. It was hard to tell which ones were more “authentic” since all the photos I saw on the internet showed wide use of both kinds on Heinkel cars. Heinkel Steering Wheels in Various Conditions I decided that I would […]

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