Colorado HeinkelFest 2015

I attended the Colorado HeinkelFest in Colorado Springs in last month. I’ve attended 3 out of 4 modern-era HeinkelFests, which are wonderfully organized on a biennial basis by Mike McWilliams of At the Summit with my Heinkel Scooter You can read all about the 2013 event here on my blog: The 2015 edition had […]

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HeinkelFest 2013

I returned to my scootering roots when I attended the 2013 HeinkelFest in Colorado Springs last month. Here’s my article about it: 10 Heinkels and an IWL Berlin in front of Pike’s Peak Pikes Peak embodies the history of America perhaps more than any other mountain in the United States.  “Pikes Peak or Bust” was […]

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