I’m converting a microcar to EV, but it’s not my first electric vehicle. I bought a used Vectrix to learn from and use as a donor vehicle for my EV project. Vectrix was a local company (Rhode Island) that raised $84 million from VC’s but bet on Ni-Cad battery technology. If they had just waited a few years for Lithium Ion cells they might have had a chance. Could their loss be my gain?

Reverse engineering a Vectrix for my purposes looked good on paper but turned out to be WAY too complicated, so I sold it. Learning from the Vectrix taught me some valuable lessons (which I will reveal to you later!)

Vectrix VX-1 The first electric maxiscooter Vectrix – Wikipedia

Now onto Heinkel Conversions:

Heinkel EV Microcar
Heinkel with hub motor and custom battery pack