Wedding Jenga

Personalized Jenga is a great combination of traditional beginner woodworking with basic CNC carving. I made five different block styles using Carbide Create. Then I made a jig to hold the blocks which allowed me to have a consistent “zero” location to start the carving.

Here’s the CNC in action:

Cutting out hearts on a practice piece of wood

They come out like this:

Carve using CNC

To get the names painted I needed to seal the wood so the colors wouldn’t “bleed” due to capillary action. I used quick drying spray shellac. Next I lined up all the pieces for each color and painted those:

Green Jenga blocks

Then a trip through the surface planer to remove the green overspray, leaving the letters nicely painted.

Complete set ready for protective clear coat

I made them waterproof with more coats of spray shellac. They looked like this when they were done:

Completed Jenga Tiles

And they played like this: