Other Metal Scooter Conversions

People are doing very interesting conversions around the world, and not just Lambrettas and Vespas. Here’s a few examples:

Heinkel EV Study, 2023

I completed a mockup with detailed measurements in wood on a scooter I was restoring. The results were excellent; plenty of room for components, at least a 40ah battery (good for 35 miles / 55kms), and would be completely reversible:

1959 DKR Defiant, UK

This one is being done in the UK and will have a mid-mount motor. Check back for updates.

DKR Defiant scooter
DKR Defiant 197 cc Scooter, courtesy of Black Country Living Museum

Heinkel Scooter Conversion, Germany

My friend Werner snapped these photos at the Heinkel Club shop day in May 2024. The scooter appears to be a 72v setup with Prismatic cells. The most interesting aspect for me is that this scooter retained the original transmission! Werner told me that the owner usually starts in 2nd gear and stays in 2nd and 3rd, and uses 4th gear on more open roads. The person who converted this did an excellent job connecting the 24 cells.

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